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  • How The Facebook Promotional Guidelines Affect Social Media Managers

    Facebook has just made a major change to their promotional guidelines. In short, brands are now able to create promotional mechanisms that directly incentivize likes, posts, pictures and other “native” Facebook features on a brand’s timeline.

    To help separate the “signal from the noise” we wanted to offer three things you should know about this change and how it impacts your brand.

    #1 – What areas are impacted by the change?

    These changes are specific to your brand’s own timeline. Facebook’s guidelines still rule out using posts to a users’ own timeline, like a places check-in to enter or participate in a promotion or contest.

    #2 – How can my brand best take advantage of these changes?

    The biggest opportunity this change opens up is the ability for brands to offer small incentives like coupons, free trials and brand premiums to increase overall per page and per post engagement.

    #3 – Are tab or app-based promotions still relevant?

    Yes! Here’s why…with prizes valued above $25, you should run promotions off of a tab as to rovide legal protection, indemnification and/or to avoid disputes among users.

    These changes are a net benefit for brands but are also going to slowly change what users expect of and how they interact with your brand.